About Us

Gospel Revelation, Inc. was founded in 1971 by Rev. James E. Gay. He had been traveling around the world as a missionary when he realized he had to have a church charter to be able to give receipts for donations he was receiving in the ministry.

This revelation changed the course of his ministry and opened up the doorways for Gospel Revelation fellowship. It needed to be easier for the average minister to get licensed, ordained, or obtain a church charter. If you want to be in the ministry, you need these items for your ministry to be completely legal in the eyes of the government.

At first, he thought it would be a good idea to just put up a display in the back while traveling letting people sign up to become ministers. Well, as you can imagine this didn't work out too good. He had just about anybody you can imagine signing up to become ministers. He quickly abandoned this practice...

There were a few good solid people who became ministers from that time. They would become the foundation for the future. Thus, we became Gospel Revelation, Inc.

We want to help people who have been abused and disillusioned by their church fellowships...people who are called of God but don't have the opportunity to become ordained.

I am sure you can understand the problems it would cause to just let any "old person" become ordained by just paying a fee and filling out a form.

You have to have a pastor or another minister's recommendation to become ordained. You have to be sponsored along with filling out the form with your testimony.



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